Specialist Cleaning

FS Facilities Management deliver a professional specialist cleaning service to business of all sizes & complexities and we are an official distributor of the ground breaking Tersano Lotus Pro.

Our Specialist Cleaning Solutions are tailored to your business requirements.

We provide an impeccable standard and service that cannot be matched. We know that maintaining the cleanliness of your property or premises is a must, especially durring the Covid-19 outbreak. Here at FS Facilities Management our highly professional commercial cleaners provide cleaning solutions for buildings of all scales, sizes and complexities.

Specialist Cleaning

We can help you with all aspects of Facilities Management for your Business or Organisation.


We offer a Decontamination and sanitation services across Leicester and the surrounding counties. Our environmentally friendly disinfectant ‘CORONA – GUARD’ will eliminate Coronavirus (SARS associated) Human Coronavirus (VR-740) Canine Coronavirus (VR-809) and COVID-19 For even more information on the decontamination and cleaning services offered.

Steam Cleaning

Heat at temperatures over 77 degrees c is the best killer of bacteria and viruses, the temperature of steam is much higher. We will carry out a Steam cleaning Sanitation service on your Site. Hard floors and carpets, Toilet areas, walls Steam mop cleaning, Bedding And mattresses + much more As no chemicals are needed for this service, areas can be in use straight after the service has finished

Pipe & Ducting

Our experiecned team using specialist equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of pipes and ducting.

High Level Cleaning

High level cleaning requires specialist equipment and a skilled team. We offer range of high level cleaning and maintenance services including, windows, walls, lights and roofs.

Industrial Cleaning

We offer specialist industrial cleaning solutions for hazardous areas including factories, warehouses, power plants and other types of industrial facilities.

Chemical Free Cleaning
The Lotus® PRO High Capacity cleaning system turns ordinary tap water into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), nature’s most powerful cleaner.
SAO is a highly effective cleaning agent that breaks down dirt, grease and other contaminants, safely replacing traditional chemical cleaners, deodorizers and sanitizers.


The best in chemical free cleaning.

Tersano Lotus Pro

  • Sanitiser Acts as hand and surface sanitiser.
  • Cleaning Better than chemicals, able to clean any type of surface
  • No more Chemicals All aspects of cleaning can be done with the Lotus pro, meaning no more COSHH
  • Cost Effective Works out to as little as 8p per litre!
  • Saferfor staff, pupil’s and Guests, no toxins, carcinogens or chemical residue, Nonirritant , noncaustic, no allergy concerns
  • Kills Virusesbacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA and more 99.999% of Escherichia Coli within 60 seconds contact time
  • Cleans and sanitizesAccredited to BS EN13697 standards, means all those touch points on your sites not only gets cleaned but kills the bugs too!

Some of the industries we work with.

At FS Facilities Management we work with clients who need a high quality specialist cleaning services for their premises. Working across a variety of sectors gives us a informed insight into the needs of clients and their businesses.

Schools & Trusts

Councils & Authorities

Student Accomodation


Commercial Businesses

Hospitality & Leisure

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